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Facial Plastic Surgery New York City

Dr. Yang’s philosophy regarding surgical intervention for cosmetic rejuvenation dictates the patients he does and does not operate on. It is simple: the “10% improvement rule.” If Dr. Yang does not believe the surgical result will yield more than 10% aesthetic improvement, he will not operate. This rule is the deciding factor on whether or not he recommends any facial procedure. By staying true to this philosophy, frequently the laundry list of procedures that the patient comes in to ask about gets whittled down to only the procedures that will give you the best improvement.

Why use this philosophy? Often patients that have previously had plastic surgery elsewhere come to us feeling as though they were promised more than their cosmetic surgery provided. It is our experience that those patients could have benefited equally and often more from other less costly procedures. Because of this honesty, Dr. Yang’s patients are able to make more informed decisions and maintain reasonable expectations, while still getting the best possible outcome.

Dr. Yang’s goal is to help the people he meets and provide his patients with the highest quality medical care and most natural facial rejuvenation possible. There are some people who want a “Joan Rivers” type of facial rejuvenation that ultimately leaves the patient with a result much different than the younger version of themselves that is truly the goal of facial rejuvenation. Dr. Yang believes that most people looking for facial rejuvenation want their result to be as natural as possible with no obvious signs that work was performed. If the patients desired result clashes with Dr. Yang’s philosophy we would be the first to help that patient make a list of these expert facial plastic surgeons with more compatible aesthetic taste and paralleled expertise in their field.

During a consultation, Dr. Yang will discuss the Pro’s and Con’s of any surgical procedures that you are interested in. Dr. Yang will also explain why he does not offer or perform some of these procedures and why. All potential patients should understand that that advice and expert recommendations given by cosmetic surgeon/dermatologists will be biased towards the array of procedures that they offer, versus the techniques that they don’t perform. This is true no matter how honest the cosmetic surgeon is.

Dr. Yang will explain his concerns for certain techniques and why he performs them or rarely does them. He will openly offer names of best expert plastic surgeons known for these same procedures so the potential patient can have a consultation with them to understand and see the types of results that the other expert surgeons provide. This way the potential patient can hear different recommendations, pricing, and results. As a physician and plastic surgeon, Dr. Yang is most interested in his patients getting the results they desire.