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Browlift / Forehead Lift New York City

About the Procedure

The Browlift procedure, also known as a forehead lift, is essentially a facelift to the upper one third of the face (A traditional facelift typically addresses the lower 2/3′s of the face and neck). Dr. Yang most commonly performs the browlift procedure on patients looking to rejuvenate their appearances; however, it may also benefit younger patients with droopy brows or creases above the nose.

The Best Candidate for a Browlift

The browlift procedure provides optimal results for patients in the 40-60 age range hoping to decrease the appearance of frown lines and other forehead wrinkles. For patients with a low or heavy brow, a browlift can be an excellent way to rejuvenate the eyes and forehead. Often surgeons will perform a browlift in conjunction to a facelift. It is important to note that Dr. Yang does not recommend a brow lift for many patients because the outcome of a heightened brow does not provide the patient with a more natural, youthful look. However, Dr. Yang does perform this procedure on patients who are unhappy with their brow position (i.e. desire higher brows in general) or if they request the “refreshed” look of a brow lift.

Browlift Techniques

Endoscopic Browlift. The most common browlift technique used by Dr. Yang is the endoscopic browlift. This technique uses an endoscope (a pencil-thin camera) that is fitted through a small incision so that Dr. Yang can observe the procedure on a video moniter. Compared to the traditional browlift, the endoscopic browlift technique is less invasive and requires less recovery time because the incisions are smaller.

In additional to the Endoscopic Browlift and the Traditional Browlift, there are several other techniques Dr. Yang uses for his Browlift surgeries, including the Coronal Browlift, the Trichophytic Browlift, theDirect Browlift, and the Midforehead lift.

The Surgery and Recovery

The procedure usually takes about an hour with minor to moderate discomfort. Dr. Yang performs his browlift procedures under general anesthesia or IV sedation at the Center for Specialty Care. Sutures are generally removed within 10 days by Dr. Yang and most patients may return to normal activities in about 2 weeks. However, the total recovery time depends on the browlift technique used by Dr. Yang.