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Facelift New York City

About the Procedure

Facelift surgery, or Rhytidectomy, is a procedure to remove facial wrinkles and excess skin that have appeared due to aging and facial volume loss. Because of the range of patients we see, Dr. Yang offers a variety of Facelifts to meet the needs of each individual patient. Dr. Yang’s facelift procedures are performed either in our surgical suite, located in our Upper East Side office or at the Center for Specialty Care depending on the type of facelift being performed.

The Best Candidate for a Facelift is someone who desires facial plastic surgery to correct any of the signs of aging listed below:

  • Nasolabial Folds: these folds can be seen extending from the sides of the mouth to the nose. A combination of facelift surgery as well as injectable fillers can greatly reduce the appearance of these folds.
  • Jowling: tissue that has gathered on the jawline due to the constant pull of gravity on the cheeks and face. A facelift repositions the cheek fat pads to change the squared jaw appearance that jowls create into a the more natural rounded contour of the younger jawline.
  • Sagging Skin: often due to loss of volume and fat, sagging skin can create a gaunt hollow look that leaves people looking older and more tired. The facelift procedure gets rid of excess skin and places the remaining skin on the reposition facial tissue creating a naturally younger looking appearance without tension or pulling.
  • Midface Volume Loss: midface volume loss contributes to the folds around the mouth as well as the wrinkles around the cheeks.

The patients in our office who are happiest with their facelift results are those that want plastic surgery to look the way they feel. Most patients considering facelift surgery are between the ages of 40-75 and often say they still feel as though they are 25 years younger. Dr. Yang strives to create a finished product that provides his patients with a more youthful version of themselves. By studying pictures of his patients when they were younger, he is able to carefully asses the position of every facial feature and tailor each facelift to the patient he is operating on.

Facelift Techniques Used by Dr. Yang

Lower Facelift




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