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Necklift Plus New York City

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About the Procedure

The Necklift Plus is a procedure performed by Dr. Yang to rejuvenate the neck and jawline. Combining his traditional necklift with a mini-facelift, this procedure is an excellent option for younger patients with minimal facial sagging and good skin laxity. One appealing aspect of the Necklift Plus is that it can be performed in the office under local anesthesia (for most patients), thereby reducing the overall costs associated with the surgery.

The Best Candidate for the Necklift Plus

Because the Necklift Plus procedure is comprised of the full necklift with a mini-facelift, the most dramatic improvement from this surgery is to the neck region. Younger patients with minimal facial sagging and wrinkling are ideal for this procedure. Furthermore, patients with good skin elasticity will see greater improvements to the jaw line and jowls from the mini-facelift portion of the procedure.

Patients with significant neck banding, neck wattle or with a turkey neck will see a significant improvement in their neck and jaw profile. While certain necks are more difficult to improve than others, Dr. Yang strives to provide patients with more youthful neck contours that enhance the patients overall appearance.

Surgical Technique

To improve the appearance of the neck and the issues attributed to the overall appearance of an aging neck, Dr. Yang utilizes the corset platysmaplasty technique. For most patients who wish to eradicate neck bands or a turkey neck, one of the main culprits for their profile deteriorating is due to the platysma muscle. As the neck skin ages and looses elasticity, its ability to hold the platysma muscles flush against the neck and underneath the chin decreases. The platysma muscles then create a tent-like appearance and the neck skin becomes saggy and crêpey.

Utilizing the platysmaplasty technique, Dr. Yang sews the platysma muscles together to create a sling, or corset, underneath the chin. Further manipulation of the fat and overlying skin provides more youthful texture to the skin and a more angular, youthful profile.

With the muscles that once pulled the neck skin and tissue down and away from the jaw line replaced to their original position, the excess and sagging skin can be addressed. Using a mini-facelift, Dr. Yang is able to undermine the skin around the neck and jaw line and redrape it to improve the appearance of jowling or sagging skin along the jaw line. Because there is typically excess skin from the neck, incisions are made around the ears so that no bunching or puckering of the skin occurs when it is redraped over the jaw line and the lower face.

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Necklift Plus Before and After


Recovery from the Necklift Plus procedure is quite minimal and most patients experience little to no pain a day or two following their surgery. Because the skin is undermined on the neck and lower face, patients experience some numbness on the face and neck due to severing of the nerves. The numbness typically subsides in 1-2 weeks. While patients do experience bruising from this procedure, it is usually mild and on the neck and underneath the ears.

Sutures underneath the chin and around the ears are removed at 5 and 8 days following the procedure. The scars at that point are faint red lines that are virtually undetectable a month or two following surgery. Most of Dr. Yang’s patients are able to return to work 1-2 weeks following the procedure and exercise 2 weeks later.

Once the initial recovery period is over, we ask our patients to return to the office 3 months and 6 months after surgery so Dr. Yang can take pictures, and ensure that everything is progressing smoothly.

View Before and After Photos on the Necklift Plus Gallery