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One of the main complaints we hear from patients is about a sagging neck region. Often we see patients with little to no signs of aging in their face, but with what everyone affectionately refers to as a “turkey wattle” that can add years to your look. The most common concerns regarding the appearance of the neck line and jaw include the “turkey wattle,” excess fat (double chin), too much skin, and the appearance of neck “bands.” Typically for our patients with excess fat in their neck region, liposuction of the neck is performed in conjunction with the lift to give more definition to the jaw line and create a softer post-operative appearance of the neck line.

The most common neck lift procedure performed by Dr. Yang involves accessing and manipulating the platysma, essentially the neck muscles involved in maintaining a youthful jaw line and neck. As we age, our platysma becomes weaker due to gravity which gives the appearance of a sagging neck (turkey wattle) and neck “bands”. During the neck lift procedure, the platysma is tightened with removal of some of the muscle if necessary. Neck liposuction is performed if needed to remove excess fat, and skin is removed at the end of the procedure if necessary.

Dr. Yang’s neck lift procedures vary in how little or much is “performed” because each neck we encounter has its own unique set of problem areas. Thus, your neck lift may or may not include one of the procedures listed above. Depending on your desired results and the invasiveness of the procedure you’re willing to undergo, Dr. Yang will tailor the procedure to meet your goals.

Necklift Techniques

Corset Platysmaplasty

During this procedure the incisions are made under the neckline and behind the ears to access the platysma. A corset platysmaplasty sews together the free edge of platysma muscle under the chin and creates a small hammock or sling to support the new neck shape. Using this technique takes the pressure off the skin from “pulling” the neck into place and mechanically resolves the structural problems that cause neck sagging and muscle banding.


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Lower Facelift and Necklift Before and After

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