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Lip Augmentation New York City

With all of the injectable fillers on the market and the negativity surrounding lips that are “too big,” it is hard to decide which route to choose for lip augmentation. Dr. Yang addresses lip augmentation with the same meticulousness as any other procedure he performs. Establishing a good understanding of the result the patient wants is crucial to providing a natural and aesthetically pleasing finished product. Equally as important is your surgeon’s understanding of the products he or she is using. Dr. Yang uses specific injectables in certain parts of the face because each has a slightly different biochemical make-up and work in different ways in different parts of the face.

While lip augmentation has been a popular cosmetic procedure for decades, recent technological developments have allowed physicians to choose the longevity, malleability, and durability of the mechanism used to increase the volume of the lips both surgically and non-surgically. For patients who wish to use non-invasive methods to increase their lip volume, synthetic or biocompatible products are utilized and injected directly into the lips. More invasive procedures include surgically restructuring the lips.

Dr. Yang has experience with patients of all ages wishing to augment the size of their lips. Often patients complain about a thin upper or lower lip, uneven lip sizes, and scarring to the lip due to a previous injury to the area. Providing patients with a natural result and maintaining the symmetry of the face are of utmost importance to Dr. Yang when performing lip augmentation. The ideal candidate for lip augmentation is someone wishes to augment, alter, resize, or change the contour of the lips. Individuals with thin lips, uneven lips, or lip deformities can benefit from this procedure as well.

Dr. Yang prefers to use non-invasive methods to augment the size of the lips for several reasons. The most important reason is the result that is acquired using the injectable fillers. Dr. Yang uses the injectable fillers Restylane and Juvederm for lip augmentation as they provide the most natural result without adding too much bulk. Furthermore, because the results are not permanent, the patient has the ability to choose if he or she would like to maintain the lip size after the injection or allow it to dissolve and revert back to their natural lip size and shape.