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Lower Eyelid Filler New York City

Strategically injected lower eyelid filler is often a preferable alternative to surgery for patients suffering from under eye bags. As one ages and loses volume in his or her face, the hollowing that occurs around the periorbital can lead to a ridge that delineates the proverbial under eye bag. Filler effectively blends the hollowed region between the top of the cheek and the bottom of the lid so the bags are no longer visible. The overall result is a smooth, youthful, and more rested appearance. Dr. Yang prefers to use Restylane in this delicate area. On average, results last about a year, with some patients experiencing results that last even longer. As a point of reference, Restylane in the smile lines and lips lasts about 4-6 months. It seems to last so much longer around the eyes because this area is less motile than the mouth, which seems to play a role in that rate at which the body metabolizes the filler.

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