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New York City Types of Injectables

Take your hand and pull your forehead up as if you were manually raising your eyebrows. Do you look younger? What about if you put your fingers on the sides of your mouth and pull your smile lines flat? Is that youthful glow starting to come through? I don’t think so. Looking younger is not just about being wrinkle free or having taut skin. While increased elasticity of the skin and subsequent smooth complexion is a luxury that comes with being a twenty-something, pulling is not necessarily the answer.

If you really study a young face, the vitality it exudes comes from the contours that are made by the facial features. When we describe a beautiful face we often say things such as soft features, full lips, bright smile, and sparkling eyes. While lifts of all kinds, including face-lifts, breast-lifts, and neck-lifts, do play their significant role in cosmetic rejuvenation, contemporary plastic surgeons, Dr Yang included, are getting behind the theory that looking younger is not about “pulling” away the wrinkles.

If you think about it, lifting is certainly one way to change the appearance of wrinkled, sagging skin. However, pulling and lifting are two very distinct ideas. How is it that they both achieve the same goal of looking younger? The answer is, when it comes to achieving younger looking skin, they don’t. This is where injectable fillers come in. If you’re above a certain age and have had fleeting (and even more than fleeting) thoughts of a “tune-up” on your mind, you have more than likely come across what facial plastic surgeons refer to as injectables.

Injectables are not anything new in the realm of plastic surgery. In fact, collagen based injectables have been around for decades; however, because they were developed from bovine or porcine specimens, they required testing for adverse reactions and allergies.

In today’s injectable market, most fillers use mechanisms that either stimulate your body to produce more natural filler or create better infrastructure underneath the skin. While the longevity of fillers varies by brand, results are often immediate and the procedure requires little to no recovery time. Even better, the fillers used by Dr. Yang are all FDA approved and each offer a unique approach to smoothing fine lines and wrinkles in the face.