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Mole Removal New York City

Dr. Yang’s surgical expertise and artistry make him an excellent surgeon to perform smaller procedures as well. If you have a mole on your face or neck that you would like to have removed, addressing the issue can be daunting, as most options for mole removal involve a scalpel. That i’s why it is extremely important to choose your physician based on their experience performing the procedure and their specialty.

As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yang is residency and fellowship trained in procedures of the face and neck. When removing anything from that region, it is imperative that your surgeon know the ins and outs of the facial structures and tissues, as scarring can potentially impinge upon movement or look unsightly.

Traditional Excision Mole Removal

Dr. Yang uses surgical excision as his primary technique for mole removal. Surgical excision of any tissue involves the use of a scalpel to remove the mole tissue. The incisions are made in an ellipse shape to ensure minimal scarring and no puckering or concavity of the skin upon healing. Both local and topical anesthetic is used to minimize discomfort during the injection of the local anesthesia and to numb the area being excised.

The mole is removed and the wound is sutured up using specialized methods to ensure the skin remains flat and the scar is minimal. Generally these stitches are removed about a week later and there is little to no recovery time.

Incision-less Mole Removal (a.k.a. scar-less or radio frequency mole removal)

Using the Ellman surgitron radiosurgical device, the mole is removed without the use of a scalpel or laser. Radio waves are used to shave the mole down to the layer of the surrounding skin, and only the skin directly in contact with the electrode wire is affected. This technique is more delicate and precise than laser mole removal, which may result in excessive tissue burns. Furthermore, because there is no incision with a scalpel, scarring is minimized or eliminated as the skin is vaporized instead of cut. No suture is required during this procedure.

Immediately after the mole is removed, there is a raw, non-bleeding area no bigger than the surface area of the previous mole. In approximately 7-10 days there is a layer of fresh, healthy skin. Over time, the skin thickens and blends with the normal surrounding skin.

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